Maximise your talent with Thomas Biagi

Thomas Biagi’s academy is shaped to your specific needs and follows completely personalised and targeted programmes, with the benefit of a state-of-the-art racing simulator and the exclusive attention of one of the most successful Italian drivers: Thomas Biagi.

From young Go Kart driver, looking for a school where to improve his skills, to senior racer seeking new challenges. A successful driver should always be trying to improve their performance on track with a team who focuses on track-learning on specific circuits.

As we have been doing for numerous years with many of the best worldwide young drivers, we will welcome you in a friendly environment, fully focused on your training with the promise of keeping the utmost confidentiality for your peace of mind.

“So many times I’ve thought how wonderful it would be to be 16 again but with my current level of experience, and then to progress through my career again. This is the opportunity that I offer to my students”.

Physical training, diet, and medical attentions. The first steps towards excellence.

In motorsport, talent is the foundation, and physical and psychological training are the bricks needed to build up success. For this reason, Thomas Biagi Racing Academy provides its students with a gym that is fully equipped for drivers, and a team of coaches and doctors specialised in each discipline relevant to the training.

Training, athletic development and diet. A programme designed to increase your self-awareness and self-understanding and help you to overcome your own limits. All while being constantly monitored through a set of progress valuations in each field. All of this under the supervision of Thomas Biagi, who himself has benefited of these techniques and whose results are proven.

Our simulator: learning has never been so real.

The Thomas Biagi Racing Simulator is the jewel of the Academy. A technology developed for the needs of the professional drivers. It is a next generation tool, perfected by a team of engineers with the help of Thomas Biagi, to offer a realistic experience that is true to every turn in the track.
From the software, to the code behind movements, from the mechanical parts to the chassis, everything, even audio details have been tuned to offer the sensation of being in the cockpit, the same emotion of the track, precise feedback from the wheel, brakes and pedals and countless customisation settings of the vehicle.
It is not a game, but rather an extremely sophisticated tool, among the best in the world.

All the parameters needed for the best setup.

Each win begins with efficient driver-engineer communication. In order to learn the secrets of a good setup and focus on the details that make a difference on track, the Thomas Biagi Racing Simulator can even simulate even the dialogue with the team of technicians. With 150 telemetry channels and the assistance of not just Thomas, but also of a specialised engineer, it will be possible to measure each race’s parameters – such as speed, g-force, shift points – with great benefit for the driver and his technique which will improve race by race. You will learn to improve the setup and to find the right feeling with your car in all scenarios.

An accurate track-learning for a championship at the top.

The correct lines, the best brake points, the secrets behind each turn. The perfect technology of the simulator and the knowledge of a great driver such as Thomas Biagi, are an ideal mix to challenge yourself on many tracks worldwide and improve day by day.
It’s an intense and precise training, where your capability to react to various disturbance sources will be measured to improve your stress management skills. Repeated tests on dry laps to improve the yield curve, both in the qualifying and during the race, monitoring areas of improvement to maximise each driver’s talent.


  • Reproduces the pitch feel, the feeling of front and rear yaw (understeer and oversteer), longitudinal acceleration (traction and braking) and roll.
  • The hardware is developed together with the Magneti Marelli racing department
  • Thanks to the vertical actuators you will feel all the roughness of the track and the kerbs
  • Multifunctional wheel to reproduce the feeling of being in control of a high-tech sophisticated car
  • The hand-operated clutch will facilitate the simulation of standing starts.
  • Traction control support and brake balance settings through manettino dials.
  • Specific keys will make possible the simulation of the KERS system and the usage of the rear wings
  • The three colours and brightness progressive lights allow gear shifting at the right engine speed in order to make the most of the power band
  • All the information needed will be available in the display at all times, including the measurements of the distance from the track record.
  • The environment has been designed for an optimised acoustic experience with realistically reproduced sounds and noises.
  • Three 65” screens positioned at the right distance in a 180° view setting integrate the set of information available to the driver
  • The driver sits in a single seater in an isolated environment immersed in the virtual reality of a racing car drive
  • The simulation software is the same as what is used by most of the F1 teams

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