Passion is a return ticket with maximum return


Welcome to the world where Motorsport and marketing race under the same team: THOMAS BIAGI’s world. Come on board and become a star, shape your business targets with a sponsorship. Involve your organisation in a championship under the lead of a true champion, gain visibility in Formula 1 and MotoGP, take advantage of our incentive, team building and hospitality programmes.

Thomas Biagi Racing’s dedicated staff will be at your service designing with you your media plan and programmes, optimised to maximise and truly capitalise your investment in motorsport. Emotions are the most powerful engine to drive the heart of your consumers.


  • 9 consumers on 10 buy the a sport-related product
  • Targeted involvement of users on track and on TV shows
  • Create an emotional bond between brand and consumer
  • Increase disposition to purchase
  • Maximised ROI compared to traditional marketing channels
  • Create synergy with other organisations


We will share every choice, including cars and championships.

The core of a partnership, for Thomas Biagi Racing, are not the needs of a champion but those of your organisation. Every decision is based on your target viewer, on the nature of your target and on the maximisation of the media exposure, starting from the choice of championships and teams.

BMW or Lamborghini? Which car makes us more competitive? Which countries and tracks are best for racing? What kind of contracts do you need? Is there a strategic network where bringing to life something unique?


Specialised agencies analyse data while Thomas Biagi Racing verify the best positioning of your logo on a car, helmet, suite, on-board camera… Nothing is left to chance, from the first to the last round. Satisfy your brand’s needs for us is like winning a championship.

We always have a plan to maximize your visibility.

The visibility of a brand is the top priority, but a really efficient sponsorship requires a wider scope strategy. This is why Thomas Biagi Racing relies on a staff focused to maximise the results of media exposure through a personalised media plan. How?

  • Press releases, TV interviews, photos and videos: these are the top tools for starting off and amplify your message;

2) promotional material and merchandising: such as expositors, gadget, poster and wears primary elements for staging branded areas on track and other locations;

3) internet and social network: the ideal channels to reach a wider and wider audience.

Design, contents and production: Thomas Biagi Racing will orchestrate everything with a guarantee of excellence.

Your brand in pole position, also in Formula 1 and MotoGP.

Beside sponsoring Thomas Biagi himself, Thomas Biagi Racing offers, in alternative, visibility also in the best Motorsports’ championships, thanks to long-standing partnerships with the best MotoGP and Formula 1 teams.

We will counsel you from the first contact, helping you with the choice of appropriate areas, offering strategic and operative support. Thomas Biagi Racing will assist you with the same services and quality that offer for the sponsoring of Thomas Biagi himself. We can scale resources on your true needs even for a single F1 race or MotoGP weekend, identifying the brand, the track and the most fitting media plan for you. Creating, as always, a project perfectly tailor-made on your requirements.


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