A full team, on and off track…

› Driver coaches and mechanics
› Technicians and engineers
› Doctors and nutritionists
› Welcome hostesses
› Catering operators
› Logistic specialists
› Photographers and video operators
› Art directors and printers
› Journalists and copywriters

A mission of growth, a vision of excellence.

Thomas Biagi Racing’s target is to increase your company’s brand awareness and boost your human resources skills through unique experiences to make your employees feel pampered and privileged.
From the analysis and research of the best performing activities to projects implementation and, further on, to the analysis of the results: these are part of the care and the skills that Thomas Biagi Racing’s staff guarantee. Skills which are native to a region, between Emilia Romagna and San Marino, worldwide milestone of Motorsports. A region home to the best teams in the world such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Sharing steady values, aiming at full speed towards the targets.

A perfect synergy is not just made of numbers and stats but it is powered by a daily-growing feeling, based on fundamental values and principles such as the extraordinary passion for your own work, the ethics behind relationships and the absolute respect of the surrounding environment.
Thomas Biagi Racing believes in these values and share them with those organizations which put trust on him to cut the finish line of new challenges. This is the idea of a sustainable business where technology and nature, performance and honesty, can coexist.

The 10 pillars of
Thomas Biagi Racing

› Driver coaches and mechanics
› Italian excellence
› Professionalism
› Passion
› Local traditions
› Team spirit
› Respect for diversity
› Transparency
› Safety
› Sustainability
› Social responsibility