Our Hospitality - Catering and tourist accommodation in the earth of Emilia Romagna.

Emilia Romagna is a land of flavours and engines. During their trips around the world Thomas Biagi Racing doesn’t forget the best traditions of his homeland. Wherever is your track you will enjoy a very high quality catering service with open bars, made in italy delis and Emilian dishes prepared by the best chefs.
But beside the pleasures of the palate, Thomas Biagi Racing will take care of every single detail to create a warm welcoming dream environment where you will only have to relax and enjoy every moment of the day. You will also have a chance to visit the most suggestive places in the surroundings, such as San Marino and its history, Ravenna’s fine Arts, Rimini’s beaches and all other beauties of Emilia Romagna: a region in the earth of Italy, a throw of a stone from Rome, Florence, Venice and the best attractions in the peninsula.


Where Business travels at 300 km per hour.

Imagine a track, your logo visible everywhere, a race about to begin and yourself in the front row next to one of the most valuable clients. Wouldn’t be that nice?

Hospitality is the ideal background to a seal a prestigious deal, gift your special guest with thrilling experience or reward the best assets of your sale team. Panoramic view on the track, reserved rooms, hostesses, first choice catering. A classy treatment where sponsoring reaches the highest level of exclusivity. A guided visit to the boxes and a chance to lunch together with your guests and your driver and your exceptional partner – Thomas Biagi. Wherever in the world: professionalism, pleasant hospitaluty made in Italy with a touch of Emilia-Romagna.