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Every organisation is a complex universe, the success of which depends on several factors. Each business is like a track, full of turns, obstacles, competitors trying to overtake. Start from the pole position is not enough, training is mandatory. To really understand this dynamics, Thomas Biagi Racing can integrate your incentive plan with the Formula 1 simulator, designed for training professional racers.

Talent, technical skills, resilience to stress. Training with the simulator will let you experience closely the need of integrating these elements in order to become competitive.

  • Fast driving experience
  • Workshop and Team building
  • Motivational Speech
  • Formula 1 Simulator


Thomas Biagi Racing is the only Motorsport organisation which offers an exclusive service designed for non-professional racers.
A structure solely for those who, for passion or necessity, need to improve their sport driving techniques, on track fast driving skills and knowledge of the dynamics of the vehicle. Thirty years of experience in the racing world are offered as a service to passionate people, to satisfy any request.
Thomas Biagi Racing and theirs advanced dynamic simulator is the best choice for those who want to improve his driving skills to maximize control of his just purchased supercar; for the Symracer who aims at deeper understanding of the car and learn the setup of the vehicle; for just the motorsport passionate who wants to feel the thrill of driving an F1.
All of it using the most fascinating tracks in the worldwide racing, in a highly professional environment, following programmes tailor-made upon real needs and capabilities.
All the activities will be personally supervised by Thomas Biagi who will address all the individual requests.


Try the thrill of driving a real Formula 1

Team Building

Incentives with the driving simulator, the best choice for any corporate organisation.

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Professional Drivers

Drivers professional training, to improve performance and resilience to stress.

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Personalised highlights

› Fast driving experience
› Workshop and Team Building
› Motivational Speech
› Formula 1 Simulator

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